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(Source: Spotify)

(Source: Spotify)

'Happy Idiot' is the poppiest, most direct song they've done - a sublime start to a new chapter

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Get wild with these country pop jams

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Anathema’s rise from their doomy, embryonic stages to being one of the dominant forces in progressive rock has been meteoric. Mention must be given to Danny Cavanagh’s guitars, which often carry the same emotive weight as the vocals.

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We’re going to leave this riiiight here. We’re back September 27 with an amazing show!!

September 27 marks SNL debuts for both Chris Pratt and Ariana Grande, while Sarah Silverman will return to 8H to make her hosting debut alongside Maroon 5 who will be making their fifth appearance as musical guest.

Get ready, and happy #SNL40!

Turn down for Pratt!